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Hi all, and a big warm welcome to my latest blog.

What a couple of week’s it’s been! We all know about the momentous events of the last fortnight since Her Majesty’s passing. We all took the day off to watch the state funeral, and my thoughts were with the Corgis of course. I was lucky enough to meet them once! Poor little sausages are going to miss their Mummy, and that’s bad enough, but my sympathies were really piqued when I read that they were going to live with Prince Andrew! Really? Why would you double the punishment? Anyway, I’d just like to add my own little tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth – what a amazing Monarch she was! Dogtastic, and there’ll probably never be another like her.

Guess we’ll all have to move on now, and get back to the daily grind. Still, all’s well here in the world of advertising, marketing and PR at Sounds Sorted Media. We’d like to welcome our latest client on board, all those lovely people at Appledore Book Festival. We enjoyed creating the ads for them and from what I hear the ticket sales are going really well. My favourite guest speaker is Alan Titchmarsh, because he’s stood up for doggy rights before, and understands that man’s best friends are usually sensitive souls like me, who just need a bit of decent grub, a nice walk and no bones of contention!

We’ve been busy on various fronts this last few weeks with ads made for some charity organisations, a couple of touring tribute bands, a flower shop, a furniture store and even one for an Island! It’s the little island of Tresco, which is part of The Scilly Isles, gorgeous place, and a lovely little spot for a dog walk!

Ok enough from me for now, there’s work to be done. As Arnie once said, ‘I’ll be bark’!


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