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What an amazing day we all had at the North Devon Show. The SoundsSortedMedia team were there and it was great to see a huge crowd in attendance. We really enjoyed doing the advertising, marketing and PR for this much loved event. Hopefully we did our bit in promoting the Show! We got some lovely feedback on the cow posters dotted around North Devon and so many people said they enjoyed the radio ad too! Everyone seemed to like the moos at the end!!

We’d never seen so many people at the Show and I know there were quite a few problems with traffic. Hopefully the council can do something to address this next year as the Show’s organisers hands are tied without their help. We were held up for an hour too so we know what it was like! Still, it was all worth it when we got there - what a fabulous day!

I had a good wander around the Showground and came across some old friends. See photos below. These two dogs seemed to be whispering sweet nothings to each other. At least I think that’s what they were doing… and that hound made me laugh when he stuck his head out from inside the tent.

My favourite photos though are the ones where the little lad with the sheep was getting his Rosettes and that other cheeky young chap who decided that ‘riding a cow’ was too much fun to resist!

There should be some other photos on our social media pages soon. It was North Devon at its best – and that’s what the Show’s all about.

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